My brother's 40th birthday cake

 I wanted to make a cake for my brother's 40th birthday. Since we live so far away from each other, I decided to make him a virtual cake and post it on my YouTube channel.

I wanted to make two tiers. I frosted a 6-inch cake dummy

and a 4-inch cake dummy.
And I covered them in purple fondant. At least growing up, my brother's favorite color was always purple.

Then I stacked them.
I had some gold fondant that was super crumbly. I added some shortening to it. And it totally worked.

I rolled it out and cut out the number 40 and placed it on top of the cake.
As well as the year he was born, 1980.
Then I got out a disco alphabet press form and used it to spell the words...
The man, the myth, the legend.
And I placed them around the bottom tier with little stars in between.
Then, using a different alphabet mold, I pressed out the letters to spell aged years and vintage.

Using my clay extruder, I extruded several lines of gold fondant.
I twisted them together and used them to cover the bottom of both tiers.
I love this cake. It's an absolute classic.
This would totally work for any major milestone.
This one, however, is for my brother, Mike.
Happy Birthday!
The man, the myth, the legend.

Watch us make this legendary cake on YouTube here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese legendische Torte auf YouTube machen hier:


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