Dress up a Sheet Cake: White on White Wedding Cake

I've been thinking about all the things that have been cancelled because of Covid19 and I think the saddest is the weddings. So much expense, planning, excitement... gone.

Now, I know most of you who had to reschedule your wedding will eventually have them. But I don't know how much money you would have lost because of the cancellation of your first planned wedding. So, I thought some of you might need to save money on your future wedding. So, I thought I would share with you a way you could make your own wedding cake out of a regular, plain sheet cake.

I started out with a frosted sheet cake. You can frost it yourself or buy it frosted.
 Then I thought I would use all of these tips, but I only ended up using the small round tip and the medium star tip. The petal tip and leaf tip weren't needed for this design.
 Using a skewer, I traced two interlocking hearts as well as the monograms of the couple. In this case, T and C.
 Then I traced over the letters with the small round tip. I also piped some curled c's along the bottom edge of the cake.
 Then I piped another row of curly c's along the top of the cake.
 Then I marked the side of the cake at regular intervals and used a circle cutter to mark a round shape down from the marks and then piped over that. This technique makes it look like you're piping drop lines, but you're not. You're just piping a line along the marks you made.
 So far, it looks really pretty.
 But we're definitely not done. I switched to the star tip and piped a row of stars along the traced hearts. I also piped a reverse shell border along the bottom edge of the cake.
 Then I piped a reverse shell border along the top edge of the cake. This is my favorite border for elegant cakes. I think it just lends such a feeling of dignity.
 Finally, I piped a few simple fleur de lis where the "drop lines" meet.
 I adore the simple elegance of this white on white cake.
 It's absolutely perfect for a classic wedding.
 Simply personalizable by changing up the letters inside the hearts.
 It would also make an elegant wedding anniversary cake.
 I hope all postponed weddings will be able to happen soon.

Watch us pipe this white on white masterpiece on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/_0-x31c4VD0
Schaut zu wie wir diese weiß auf weiß Meisterwerk auf YouTube spritzen hier: https://youtu.be/6i-qsU27Aes


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