Police Cake

 This cake was a suggestion from one of my Facebook followers, Alice Schmidt. She asked if I had ever made a police themed cake. 

I frosted an 8-inch cake dummy with vegan American buttercream.

Then I covered it with blue fondant.
I rolled out a strip of blue and folded it in the shape of a collar.
Then I added a vertical strip to make the edge of the shirt as well as the shirt pockets.
Then I made a few blue buttons.
And placed them on the cake.
Then I removed the last button and added a thick strip of black fondant around the cake.
I added a yellow buckle and small circles to be belt holes.
I also made a couple of yellow strips and painted them with black food coloring to write the word Police and Smith, representing the name of the officer.
I also added a few blocks of black fondant onto the side because a police officer carries a lot of things on their belt, like a radio, taser, night stick, possibly even a weapon. These are just general sections, not necessarily representing specific things.

But the one thing that every police officer has on them at all times is a set of handcuffs. I cut out some gray circles and laid them on top of the cake. Then I added a wedge on one side with a circle pressed into it. Then I cut out a whole bunch of small circles with a smaller circle cut out of the middle of them.
I laid them next to each other in a row from one to the other.
Then I used a clay extruder to make a thin line of gray and pressed sections of them from one hole to the next.
I love how this cake turned out.
It's perfect for aspiring police officers.

Watch us make this adorable police cake on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/hPj28e65Xi4
Schaut zu wie wir diese süße Polizei Torte auf YouTube machen hier: https://youtu.be/VuVu_SzJXCY


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