Mother / Son Birthday Cake - Books and Tools

 This cake was a commission from a friend. She and her son has a birthday the same week. Her son was turning one. So, so originally wanted something just for him, but we eventually decided on a common cake for both birthdays.

First, I wanted to make some tool-shaped cookies. I made a full batch of royal icing and split it into four bowls. 

I colored the icing red, brown, and two shades of gray.
And I put the icing in piping bags.
Here are the cookies I made. I made two of each to have a backup in case I broke one.
I used light gray to pipe the top of the pliers.
And I piped the handles with red.
Then I piped the screwdrivers.
The wrenches and hammers.
And began on the saws. But I ran out of light gray after the first saw.
So, I piped the second saw with dark gray.
And I added a few details with dark gray. Lines on the pliers, a line down the middle of the wrenches, Lines on the handles of the screwdrivers and a few shadows on the hammer head.
I made an 8-inch banana cake and cut it right down the middle.

I filled it with dark chocolate ganache.
I frosted the cake with the ganache. I can highly recommend this combination. Banana and dark chocolate. It's not too sweet and tastes like a chocolate covered banana.
I frosted the second half of the cake on a separate board.

Then I covered both halves of the cake with white fondant.

And I picked up the cake on the second board and placed it on the cake board with the other half.

Then I rolled out some chocolate fondant and cut out the number 1 and placed it on one half of the cake.
And I placed a strip of chocolate fondant around half of the cake.
I used an overstitch wheel to add some stitching detail.
And I added some pouches for the tools. This is supposed to be a tool belt.

I placed the saw between the two halves of the cake to look as if the cakes are being sawed in half.
And I placed the rest of the tools on top of the cake. It's perfect for a tool-lover.
Now, for the other side. I cut out a whole bunch of different rectangles of different colors.
I placed them on the side of the other half of the cake.
It's supposed to look like books of different heights.
Then I cut out a thick slab of white and pressed a deep dent in the middle and two more shallow ones on the sides. An open book.
I laid it on a rectangle of brown fondant.
And I added a red bookmark.
I painted the words Happy Birthday on the open book.
And some gold letters and designs on the books around the cake.

But how cute is this two-sided cake?
I'm proud of it. Super cute.
Perfect for tool lovers and book lovers.

Watch us make this two-sided cake on our YouTube channel here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese zweiseitige Torte auf unserem YouTube Kanal machen hier:


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