Hamburger Cupcakes

This project began as a collaboration with a fellow YouTuber. We decided we wanted to collaborate on a video and discussed what we could do and eventually decided on hamburger cake/cupcakes. We decided to do cupcakes.

This is her hamburger cake. She really did a lovely job. The name of her channel is Mann Made Cakes. She's a very passionate baker and does lovely work. Please head on over there and subscribe to her channel.

First, we made a batch of vanilla cake and baked them into cupcakes. We also had some leftover mint buttercream from another project that we had kept in the freezer. After thawing, we beat the buttercream to return to the smooth and creamy consistency.
 Then we colored the buttercream. It was originally a mint green, slightly blue-tinted pale green. From there, we colored half of it a brighter green, a quarter of it red and another quarter yellow with just a tiny bit of red to counter the green. Then we put the colored buttercream in piping bags. The red with a very small round tip, yellow with a medium round tip and green with a small leaf tip.
 We also baked a batch of brownies. I couldn't find my favorite brownie recipe, so I used an older one. I was originally disappointed in how pale the color was, but it ended up looking just fine in the cupcakes.
 Then we pulled the paper off and cut the cupcakes in half. We also used a circle cutter to cut out a circle of brownie and split it to make it thinner. Then we piped some yellow buttercream on the bottom of the cupcake.
 We placed the brownie slice on top, piped red buttercream around the brownie.
 Piped leaves onto the top.
Then added the second half of the cupcake on top. We thought it looked just like a little baby hamburger.
 These are easy enough that my five-year-old made her own.
 These weren't difficult at all. But look so adorable!

 I wanted to try and cover one with fondant, though, just to try it out. I cut the pieces the same way, but I also shaved the edges of the cupcake a but to shape it into a more rounded shape. Then I frosted it with a bit of yellow buttercream and covered the two pieces of cupcakes with ivory-colored fondant. I placed the slice of brownie on top and covered that with a thin piece of green fondant. Then snakes of red and yellow fondant on top of the green. Then the top half of the bun. Finally, I bruleed the top bun to make it look toasted. Because of that, I called this one the "adult" version. I wouldn't want my child to use the fire to brulee the fondant.

 I thought it looked cute, but I had to admit that the "children's" version looked more realistic. So, I only made one fondant-covered one.

 The rest of the "hamburgers" were made with naked cupcakes and buttercream. They were a hit!

To watch the whole process on YouTube, click here:
Um das ganze Prozess auf YouTube anzuschauen, klickt hier:


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