Dress up a Sheet Cake: Soccer Field Cake

This is a continuation of our series on how to dress up a sheet cake. This one isn't difficult, but can be a bit time consuming. We're making soccer themed cake this time.

I mixed up a batch of my vegan American buttercream. I colored some of it green and some black.
 Then I covered the sides of the cake dummy with white buttercream.
 And the top of the cake with green buttercream. It doesn't have to be a perfect frosting job because we're going to cover it with piping.
 We put our three colors of buttercream in piping bags. The green with a grass tip, the black and the white with small star tips.
 Then, I marked the green buttercream with a knife to mark the pattern of a soccer pitch.
 I followed the lines with white stars.
 Then I used a soccer cutter kit I had to mark the sides.
 I began with the pentagon. However, I must warn you if you have one of these sets, they are not meant to cover a flat surface, rather a spherical surface. So, I only used the pentagon cutter to make impressions and only used the hexagon cutter as a guide for approximately where the next pentagon belonged.
 Once all the pentagons were pressed into the sides,
 I connected the lines between the corners to create the hexagons. They're not going to be perfect because the surface is flat.
 Then I piped grass to cover the rest of the top of the cake. The lengths were a bit irregular, but I thought that made it looked a bit more natural.
 Then I piped black stars to cover the pentagons and follow the lines between the hexagons.
 Then I filled in the rest of the space with white stars.
 I think this cake turned out super cute and perfect for any soccer lover.
 It's not difficult to pipe at all. Grass is just a press and release as are the stars.
 However, it is a lot of piping. I actually got a cramp in my hand at one point.
 But the final result is absolutely worth the time and effort.
 This cake is perfect for a birthday for a soccer lover or a sports themed party.

To watch us make this cake on YouTube, click here: https://youtu.be/58pg1nii-hI
Um zuzuschauen, wie wir diese Torte auf YouTube machen, hier klicken: https://youtu.be/bqiFVf7QanY


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