Teddy Bear Cake

This cake was for my niece's second birthday. Her mother didn't have a specific theme, but she gave me a few ideas of what she likes. One of them was teddy bears.

I'm using lemon cake today. And I colored some lemon buttercream blue.
 Kind of a pale baby blue.
 Then I took some of the blue buttercream and added just a touch of pink. It turned a kind of periwinkle or blue-y purple.
 Then I put both colors into piping bags. The blue buttercream with a grass tip and the purple into a piping bag with a very small star tip.
 I had two layers of lemon cake. An 8-inch and 7-inch. I cut the 7-inch cake into smaller circles using a circle cutter.
 I know the small circles weren't perfect circles, but I kind of meant that to happen.
 Because they will be the ears of the teddy bear, and the whole circle is actually more than I need.
 The larger circle is the snout and the smaller ones, I cut the sides more flush to the cake and placed them on top.
 Then I stuck them down with a bit of blue buttercream.
 I rounded the edges of all the circles to be more organic-looking.
 Then I crumb coated the cake with blue buttercream.
 Then, using the grass tip with the blue buttercream, I piped a line around the bottom.
 Then I kept piping all over the bear's face except the ears and snout with the blue buttercream to look like fur.
 Then I piped purple buttercream with the small star tip all over the snout.
 As well as the inside of the ears.
 I also covered the rest of the ears with fur.

Then I rolled a couple black circles of fondant and pressed them down slightly to be the eyes.
 And I placed the eyes on the cake.
 Then I got out some dusty rose fondant and made a rounded triangle to be the nose.
 I also rolled a snake of pink to be the mouth of the teddy bear.
 Then I made a fondant bow and placed it at the neck level.
 And a smaller bow to go on the ear.
 I think this cake turned out adorable. It's just perfect for a two-year-old teddy bear lover.
 With bows because my niece is a girl and we want a girlier teddy bear.
 It just looks so furry and cuddly.
 Happy Birthday, Lulu!

Watch us make this lovely teddy bear cake on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/7HawvVhLFoY
Schaut zu wie wir diese schöne Teddy Bär Torte auf YouTube machen hier: https://youtu.be/0-ZVaFL4EdI


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