Compass and Mermaid Tail Baptism Font Cake

 This cake is for my daughter's baptism. In our church children are baptized at age 8. She was so excited and told me exactly how she wanted the cake to look.

I made a rectangular vanilla cake and cut a pool out of the middle of the top layer. 

Then I filled the cake with white chocolate ganache and filled the top part with strawberry jam.
But it fit perfectly.
Then I melted some white chocolate.
And painted it in the middle of the pool. We do this to protect the cake from the jello mix.
Then I filled it with homemade gummy bear mixture.
Frosted the cake in white chocolate ganache.
Then I made a German language compass. My daughter specifically requested this because someone had given her a compass for her baptism.
Then I pressed out my daughter's name from a press mold using white fondant and placed it on the top of the cake.
And I used another press mold to make mermaid tails.
Out of several colors.
And I used a seashell press mold to make seashells, starfish and seahorses out of pink, purple and blue and decorated the cake with them.
But my daughter was really happy. She said it was exactly what she wanted.
Congratulations on your baptism, Sabrina!

Watch us make this creative baptism cake on our YouTube channel here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese kreative Tauftorte auf unserem YouTube Kanal machen hier:


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