Yogurette Cake

This cake was a specific request from my husband. This is what he wanted for his birthday. No buttercream. No fondant. Just Yogurette, strawberry yoghurt cream and chocolate. After looking at a bunch of examples and a handful of recipes, this is what I came up with.

I was really lucky to convince my lovely 5-year-old daughter, Sabrina, to help me not only with the cake itself, but also with the video. She really added an element of sweetness and innocence.
After looking at the various recipes for the strawberry yoghurt cream, I decided which ingredients I needed, and also consciously decided not to follow any of them to the letter. They were all similar enough that I didn't feel like I had to. Plus, I wasn't sure if any of them would make enough.

So, let's talk about the ingredients I used. First of all, and probably most important, the Yogurette bars. I bought 4 packages of 10 for the cake and it was just barely enough. I mean, if someone had snitched one, I would have had to have bought more. However, this is also the only ingredient I couldn't get or make lactose free. So, it was also the only thing that Sabrina couldn't have any of. 
 I also used two 200g packages of lactose free quark or about a cup and a half. Quark is widely available in Germany, but practically unknown in the USA. So if you don't know what quark is, it's basically a thick version of plain yoghurt.
 I also used a little bit of lactose free plain yoghurt. I used probably about 150mL or 2/3 of a cup of plain yoghurt.
 Then, instead of creating my own strawberry puree, I decided to use chunkless, seedless strawberry jam. I used this whole 250mL jar, or about a cup of jam.
 Then I beat about 500mL or two cups of heavy whipping cream until it was in soft peaks.
 We used frozen strawberries, because having just missed strawberry season, there wasn't a package of fresh strawberries to be had anywhere. Frozen strawberries were the compromise solution for the decorations on top of the cake. If you have access to fresh, I would recommend using that instead.
 And last, but not least, chocolate cake! This is one recipe of my vegan chocolate cake split between two 10 inch cake pans to make two thin layers of chocolate cake.
We started out by adding our quark, yoghurt and strawberry jam to a bowl. Then we folded in our whipped cream to make the strawberry yoghurt cream.
 Sabrina had the job of unwrapping all the yogurettes because they're individually wrapped in the package. To her credit, not only did she do a great job unwrapping them all, but she didn't even try to eat a single one.
 I spread about 2/3 of the yoghurt cream between the layers of cake, and the rest on top of the second layer.
 Then I started pressing the yogurettes into the side of the cake. They were rather unstable, so I sometimes added just a bit of cream on the side to help them to stick better.
 When they were all placed, I tied a ribbon around the center of the yogurettes to help keep them all in.
 Then I placed the frozen strawberries in a ring around the outside of the cake and three in a group in the center.
 Then I cleaned up my cake board with a damp rag. I think this cake turned out really lovely and very appetizing. It was also super easy and a great cake to have the kids help you to make.
 My girls' favorite thing was the frozen strawberries. They snacked on the rest of them.
 Happy Birthday, my love.

Watch the whole process on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/4AK34_-knrA
Schaut das ganze Prozess auf YouTube an: https://youtu.be/ZnrnFKqn9Hg


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