Super Mario Brothers Sheet Cake

 This was a request from my husband. He loved playing Super Mario Brothers as a child.

First, I made a batch of vegan American buttercream and colored it black, yellow, brown, red, green and blue.

Then I frosted a sheet cake dummy with white buttercream.
I printed out a picture of Mario and Luigi.
As well as a picture of the Super Mario logo.
Then I traced around the picture of Mario and Luigi, leaving an impression in the buttercream.
Then I followed the lines with the black buttercream. Then I piped some yellow in the buttons of the overalls, blue and white in the eyes and white on the gloves.
And I filled in the rest with red, blue, green and brown. I also piped a dollop of white on the hats and used a toothpick to make the M and L.
Then I piped the word Mario on the side and surrounded it with black.
And, since it wasn't centered, I added a coin.
And I added a border alternating red, blue, yellow and green.
I think this cake is cute.
It's playful and fun. Don't forget colorful.
Watch us make this playful cake on YouTube here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese spielerische Torte auf YouTube machen hier:


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