Buttercream Watermelon Cake

This cake was for my husband's birthday party. He's a summer child, so I made him a watermelon cake.

I colored my buttercream two different colors of green. The left one was colored with gel food coloring using some green and blue. The right one was colored with liquid food coloring and this took an entire tube. It really shows how much stronger gel food coloring is.
 Then I had some red velvet cake and leftover pink cream cheese frosting from the brushed embroidery cake.
 Already looking a bit watermelony.
 I stuck the cake to the cake board with some of the green buttercream.
 Then I filled it with pink cream cheese frosting and added some chocolate chips to look like the seeds.
 And I added the second layer of red velvet cake.
 And I used the rest of the cream cheese frosting to cover the top of the cake.
 Then I put the green buttercream in two different piping bags.
 And I piped the buttercream in vertical stripes onto the side.
 Until I covered all the sides of the cake.
 However, I wasn't completely happy with the chunky look.
 Then I used a pointed tool
 and dragged it through the buttercream in both directions to blend the colors together a bit.
 And I used my bench scraper to smooth it out a bit.
 Finally, I pressed some chocolate chips into the top.
 I think this cake is really sweet looking.
 It was exactly what my husband requested: NO FONDANT!
 It doesn't look like a real watermelon, but it looks like a little cartoony watermelon.
 What more could you want for a summer birthday party?
 Happy Birthday, Simon.

Watch us make the whole cake on our YouTube channel here:
Schaut zu wie wir die ganze Torte auf unserem YouTube Kanal machen hier: https://youtu.be/-f8xNm5sMBE


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