Tiered Buttercream Cake with Fruit and Flowers

This cake was for a family reunion for my husband's family. One of his aunts wanted to also celebrate the 60th birthday of one of her sisters at the same time, so she approached me asking for a cake. Together we came up with the design. With his family, we definitely needed two tiers. She preferred buttercream over fondant covered, so that was the plan. Because it was in the summer, she wanted fruit on it. I suggested adding a few flowers, because that's always a good choice for a woman's birthday cake.

My husband's aunt asked what the most popular flavor of cake was that I made. I told her chocolate cake is always a good idea. We decided it would be best to have two different flavors in the cake, so the top tier was chocolate chip cake and the bottom tier was chocolate cake. And between the layers, was raspberry jam. Raspberry works with both of those flavors.

 Then I crumb coated and frosted both tiers seperately.
 I spent extra time on the icing job because I knew it wouldn't be hidden under a layer of fondant.
 Then I tiered the cake with wooden dowels in the bottom tier. At this point I touched up the icing just a bit before adding the fruit.
 I made some fondant roses out of white and pink fondant and also cut out some daisies and butterflies from both colors and also a handful of green leaves.
 Then I started placing the fruit. I had strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and cherries. I halved the cherries and removed the pits, except on a couple I left for the top. The strawberries all had their green tops left on. I placed them randomly around the bottom of the tiers and in a grouping on the top.
 Then I used a dolop of buttercream to stick the fruit to the cake.
 Then I placed the number 60, the flowers, butterflies and leaves around the cake in little bursts of contrasting color.
 I think it turned out really lovely. I really think this kind of a classic design is perfect for a woman's birthday, family reunion or wedding. You really can't go wrong with such a classy design.
 Pure romance.

See the video now on YouTube! https://youtu.be/33ZyCeWZCDk
Und die deutsche Version hier! https://youtu.be/Oij6WJGGoCA


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