Fast and Easy Chocolate Chip Buttercream Cake

This cake was for a spontaneous event that we only decided to attend a couple hours beforehand. My husband asked what we could bring, and I remembered that I had some chocolate chip cake in the freezer. Within 20 minutes, this cake was ready to take. It's perfect for a spontaneous event or when you just don't have time to make a huge fancy cake, but you want everyone to think that you had...

I start out by placing the first layer of chocolate chip cake on my cake carrier, stuck down with a bit of buttercream, and filled with vanilla buttercream with chocolate chips inside.
Then I put the second layer of cake on top and crumb coated the cake.
 Because the cake was so cold, the buttercream set up really quickly. So I could frost the cake really quickly afterwards. I frosted the cake with a thicker layer of buttercream and smoothed it really well.
 Then I put the rest of the buttercream in a piping bag with an open star piping tip and piped 12 swirls on the top of the cake.
 Then I used every bit of the rest of the buttercream piping shells on the bottom of the cake.
 I decorated with chocolate chips as well. I placed one on top of each of the buttercream swirls.
 Then, I placed one between each of the shells.
 Then in a line around the side.
 Lastly, one between each swirl on top of the cake.
And we're already finished.
 This is one of the cakes that looks like it took hours, but little do they know that it was finished in no time at all. And appropriate to take to almost any event. Works for potlucks, family parties, invitations to dinner, birthday parties and more!

To watch the whole process, check out our YouTube video here:
Schaut das ganze Prozess auf unsere YouTube Sendung hier:


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