Die Toten Hosen Cake

One of my husband's favorite bands, Die Toten Hosen, are actually from here. But they're known internationally as well. All those who are very familiar with hard rock know who they are. Their music is really intense and inspiring, in my opinion. Considering making a cake with that theme, I decided to ask them for permission to use their cover art. I heard back from them and was granted permission to make a cake with their images on it. So, all images were used with permission.

I started out with red velvet cake baked in 10 inch square pans. I frosted them with lactose free cream cheese frosting. Then I covered it in black fondant.

 I picked out the letters for Die Toten Hosen from my block alphabet.
 Then I cut them out of white fondant, cut them with an extra line to look like the old-fashioned spray-painted letters, and stuck them on the side of the cake with edible glue.

 I had printed out two of these cover art from their album and cut out different pieces from each. The first one I cut out was the star out of red fondant.
 Then I placed it in the middle of the cake.
 The second one I cut out was the skull and cross bones out of white fondant.

 Then I placed it in the middle of the red star.
 I used my fondant tools to make an impression of the shadows. I could have done the shadows in black fondant, but that would cause them to sit up higher than the white, while it's actually meant to be lower. So, I eventually decided to paint it on with black food coloring mixed with alcohol.
 I mixed up edible black paint using black food coloring and clear alcohol.
 Then I carefully painted on the shadows of the skull and cross bones as well as the black stripe on the star.
 It looked pretty close to the image I printed out.
 I'm really proud of this cake. I think it looks beautiful and really reflects the cover art of the Toten Hosen.
 An Tagen wie diese...
wünschen wir Unendlichkeit...

To watch the whole process on our YouTube channel, click here: https://youtu.be/JU0aRdj90IU
Um das ganze Prozess auf unsere YouTube Sendung zu gucken, klickt hier: https://youtu.be/SVI4fAtcSiI


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