Buttercream Cat Cake

This cake was a commission from my husband's coworker. He had a very exact idea of what he wanted for his daughter's second birthday. He asked for a cat cake covered in textured buttercream to look like fur, ears on the top, and a little cat face on one side. He wanted strawberry cake. And is there something I could use besides buttercream? I can't leave out the buttercream if it's not meant to be covered in fondant, but I can offer Swiss meringue buttercream.

So, I experimented with strawberry cake and came up with a great recipe. I also made strawberry flavored Swiss meringue buttercream and colored it pink.

 The day before, I also cut two triangles out of 50/50 mixture of gum paste and fondant to make the ears. I then rounded the corners and laid them over a rolling pin so they would be curved.
 Then I filled and crumb coated the cake in pink strawberry buttercream.
 I made a little face out of fondant. I freehanded the eyes out of pink fondant, surrounding them with black cords so they would be visible on the pink buttercream. I made the pupils vertical like cats' usually are. The cheeks are just round circles cut out of fondant and then rolled out a bit more so they weren't perfect circles. Then I used the back of a paintbrush to make the dots. The nose is just a small triangle of pink fondant with small dents on the sides made with the back of a knife. The whiskers were made with black fondant put through a clay extruder and cut to length.
 Then I put my pink buttercream in a piping bag with a medium star tip.
 And I covered my cake with little buttercream stars.
 Then I gently pressed the ears into the buttercream, trying to put them in the middle of the cake and trying to make them even on both sides.
 Then I used my piping bag again to line the sides of the ears and cover the back of the ears.

 Lastly, I placed my fondant cat face on the front, trying to center it as best I could, and tilting the cat eyes just a bit.
 I think it turned out lovely and was just what my husband's coworker ordered for his daughter's birthday.

To watch the whole process on our YouTube channel, click here: https://youtu.be/nIHNoTk5UYM
Um das ganze Prozess auf YouTube zu schauen, klickt hier: https://youtu.be/2yhggqxemHA


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