Bows and Daisies Birthday Cake

This cake was for my own daughter again. We always have two parties for our kids' birthdays because with our large family, it would be too much and overwhelming to the child to have everyone at the same birthday party. This one was for the more adult-oriented family party. So, we decided to tone down the Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck theme to bows and daisies.

The cake is a ten inch chocolate cake with Swiss meringue peanut butter buttercream. The same buttercream we used for the other cake. It's a bit soft, but sets up beautifully in the fridge.

For this and another project at the same time, I made several bows out of purple and pink fondant using my entire collection of bow cutters, plus a couple I made by hand since I didn't have a bow cutter large enough. I put tissue in the loops of the bow to help it keep its shape while it dried.
 I let them dry for two days. After the first day, I removed the tissues and they didn't have any trouble holding their shape. I used most of these for the Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck cake, but there were several left over.
 To cover the cake, I wanted some lavender fondant. I mixed white fondant with some dark purple to make lavender about the same color as the other, just more.
 The color ended up almost exactly the same as the lavender.
 I covered the cake in lavender fondant. Then I added the largest bow from the dried bows. I also cut out the number 2 out of white fondant using my Disney letter cutters. I placed it next to the bow.
 I also used the same cutters to cut out my daughter's name, Natalie. The i was the hardest letter to get to keep its shape.

 Then I placed the letters wrapping around the top of the cake.
 I decided the cake needed a base. I cut out a whole bunch of daisies out of white fondant using the smallest daisy cutter I had and placed them around the base of the cake.
 Then I placed the large daisies on the top of the cake and the second smallest daisies around the side.
 I really loved it. But it felt just a touch too formal for a two-year-old... I decided to add all of the left over bows. Including the pink ones. Just to keep it from being too adult for my small child. I also added some lavender bows from a fondant press mold onto the side of the cake to give it a bit more life and decoration.
 I love how it turned out and it just seems so appropriate for a party for a child, but where mostly adults are attending.
 And what fan of Daisy Duck doesn't love daisies and bows? It was perfect.
 Happy Birthday, Natalie!

To watch the whole process on YouTube, click here:
Um das ganze Prozess auf YouTube anzuschauen, hier klicken:


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