Chocolate Sprinkles Drip Cake

This cake was actually for a friend's 40th birthday party. I asked if I should bring a cake and they said sure, but didn't want anything specific, which to me meant that it wouldn't be the only dessert. So, I planned on a smaller cake with free reign for the design. I decided to try out a trend that I had been wanting to do. The Sprinkles Drip cake.

Now, I have made this family a cake before and I happen to know that they are all fans of chocolate. I decided to make this cake a death by chocolate kind of cake. So, we're making a seven inch chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and we're making the drip out of dark chocolate ganache. We're only using light-colored sprinkles so they all show up really well.

I started out by making my ganache and buttercream. I added a lot of baker's cocoa to my American buttercream. It was super chocolatey and creamy. It was divine.
 The ganache was an equal amount of dark chocolate and heavy cream. This was right after it was made. I let it set up a bit before using it.
 I filled the cake with chocolate buttercream.
 Then I crumb coated it.
 And frosted it once more with chocolate buttercream.
 I tested the drip on a bench scraper before I tried it on the cake. The ganache was actually just a bit thick, so I microwaved it for 15 seconds to make it drippy. I don't have one of those fancy-shmancy drip bottles, but I do have a lot of piping bags. I spooned a few tablespoons of ganache into a piping bag, snipped off the end, and used that to make the drips along the edge.
 Then, I added more ganache to the top of the cake and spread it around with a spatula.
I separated the sprinkles into several different containers. All the spinkles I chose for this project were light-colored since there's just so much brown with all the chocolate. I put them in a popsicle container to keep them separated. It worked like a charm.
 To get the sprinkles on the drip, but not the buttercream, I used tweezers to place the largest sprinkles. You only need the tweezers on the drips, though. The top, you can just sprinkle on.
After I did the largest sprinkles, I placed the gold balls.
 Then, I placed some jimmies with tweezers.
 I sprinkled the top with jimmies and non-pareils. But, to get the non-pareils onto the drips, I could no longer use the tweezers. They're just too small. I used a paintbrush. First, I dipped the brush into edible glue and then dipped it into the non-pareils. This caused the tiny sprinkles to stick to the brush long enough to get them onto the ganache. Thanks to Epic Confections for teaching me this technique.
I really love how this cake turned out. It's totally super chocolately of all chocolate cakes, and the amount of sprinkles is really kind of over the top.
 I absolutely love it. And the birthday boy was happy with it as well.
 Is it just me or is drippy chocolate covered with sprinkles reminiscent of a chocolate donut? Celebratory and appetizing. What more could you want?

To watch the whole process on our YouTube channel, click here:
Um den ganzen Prozess auf YouTube anzuschauen, klickt hier:


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