Dress up a Sheet Cake: Pink and Purple Flowers per Slice

This is a way to dress up a standard sheet cake. Start with a frosted sheet cake.
 Then mark the cake lightly into slice-sized pieces, including down the sides.
 I colored some buttercream green, some purple, some pink and left some white.
 Isn't that a lovely pink color?
 I filled a piping bag with a small closed star tip with white buttercream. I filled a piping bag with a small leaf tip with green buttercream. The two piping bags with Russian piping tips I lined with color. First with purple.
 Then I placed white buttercream in the center.
 Then I lined a piping bag with pink buttercream and filled it with white just like the purple one.

 I piped a simple star on the lines I scored into the cake.
 Then I followed the lines down the side and lined the bottom of the cake as well.
 Then, using the Russian piping tips, I pipe every other square with a pink flower and alternated with a purple flower. You can really see the lovely white centers on most of them.

 As a final touch, I pipe a couple of leaves next to the flowers.
 This is a lovely, universally beautiful cake appropriate for weddings, potlucks, birthdays, almost any event.
 You can also individualize the colors for the event you're making it for.
 And how easy was it to use the Russian piping tips? Piping flowers with a single squeeze. I love them.

This cake is also irresistable. My daughter helped herself to the flowers.

Watch the whole process on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/Xim8yibSwm8
Schaut das ganze Prozess auf unserem YouTube Kanal an hier: https://youtu.be/M6kuHmbR2qo


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