Rainbow Russian Piping Cake

This cake was designed in the name of St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick's Day is very often celebrated in the US, whether you're Irish or not. I am not, but I am American and I feel like this is a piece of my culture coming out.

However, I don't make cakes for no reason in general. This cake we were bringing to my father-in-law's birthday party as a cake for the kids to eat, since he wanted to eat a cream cake and my daughter can't have it. As a nod to him, I made Italian meringue buttercream to cover it. It's so delicious.

But just to throw in a bit more Europe into this cake design, I decorated it with rainbow buttercream piped with Russian piping tips. So, we have the USA, Italy, Ireland and Russia represented in this one cake. We're a bit multicultural.

The first thing we did was bake some vanilla cake colored green.
Then I made Italian meringue buttercream for the first time ever. My opinion on it, it is very similar to Swiss meringue buttercream, just the texture is a touch fluffier.
 Then I filled and crumb coated the cake with buttercream.
 I put almost all the rest of the batch of buttercream into six bowls and colored them rainbow colors.
 I chose six different Russian piping tips.
 Then I put the colored buttercream into piping bags with the tips. I noticed I had the least of purple and the most of yellow. Otherwise, it was fairly evenly distributed.
 I piped the flowers onto the side of the cake in rainbow color. So, this is also evidence that it is possible to pipe with the Russian piping tips using Italian meringue buttercream. I must admit, though, that it wasn't always easy.
 Notice not all of them are well defined and easy to see all the detail.
 I also found it helpful to wipe off the piping tips before using them again.
After covering the sides with the rainbow flowers, I knew I had more of red, orange and yellow than green, blue and purple, so I surrounded the top with red, moving inward with orange and yellow. I used blue in the middle. Then I decided I didn't want to exclude the other two colors, so I piped more flowers on top of the first at regular intervals with green and purple.
 I think this cake is overly bright, but super fun. I mean, who doesn't love rainbows?
 And what's at the end of the rainbow? gold! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 To watch the whole process on our YouTube channel, click here: https://youtu.be/SxzHjltOavI
Um das ganze Prozess auf YouTube anzuschauen, klickt hier: https://youtu.be/PwEnLwSBI9s


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