Baby Belly Baby Shower Cake

This cake was a request from a friend of mine organizing a baby shower for another friend. She asked me to make a cake for it and can it please be vanilla cake with Swiss meringue buttercream. No problem. I know just the design.

I had recently attended a baby shower with a baby belly cake and I wanted to make one, too. The expectant mother is having a boy, so I decided on a blue dress.

The first thing I did was cover my cake board with iridescent craft paper. Then I wrapped it in plastic wrap to make it food safe.

 I had baked six layers of vanilla cake, but it was only two recipes of it. Two layers of ten-inch cake and four layers of four-inch cake.
 Here's what it looked like unpacked.
 I began by sticking down the ten-inch cake onto the board with a bit of buttercream. Then I stuck down the four-inch cakes the same way just above the ten-inch, but touching it.
 I filled and stacked my cakes.
 I realized that my four-inch cakes weren't even, so I shaved some off the top of the taller cake to make them both the same height.
 Then I rounded down the four-inch cakes to make them more spherical.
 I did the same thing with the ten-inch cake. This will be the baby belly and the four-inch cakes will be the mother's breasts.

 Then I took some of the cake scraps from trimming the cakes and shaped a little baby sized footprint.
 Then I stuck it onto the baby belly with some buttercream.
 The I crumb coated the cake with Swiss meringue buttercream.
 And then frosted it once more.
 I mixed some flesh-colored fondant with ivory and pink food coloring. I rolled it out and draped it over the top of the breasts, trimming it to be flush with the cake at the top line.
 Then I rolled out light blue fondant and draped it over the cake from the breasts to the bottom of the cake board. I pressed the fondant into the baby footprint to show all the details and left the fondant between and under the breasts loose, which I felt was more realistic.
Then I trimmed the fondant over the breasts and around the sides. I also trimmed the excess along the bottom, and tore the fondant a bit while I was smoothing it. We'll cover that up later.
 But the cleavage bothered me a bit. I felt it was a bit too low.
 I decided to add some lace to the dress. I cut a strip of white fondant and used a fancy border cutter to make the other edge. Then I punched some holes in it with a round piping tip.
 I laid it over the breasts just above the cleavage and stuck it on with edible glue.
 Then I made another piece of lace with a different border cutter and round piping tip for the bottom of the dress.
 I stuck it onto the cake board with edible glue.
 That fondant tear bothered me, though, so I decided to cover it with some decorations. I used a small daisy cutter to make some dark blue daisies.
 I first covered the tear in the fondant, then made a little border along the bottom of the dress.
 Then I made the same border along the top of the dress.
 Then I used my clay extruder to make some lines of blue fondant.
 I glued them onto the line between the lace and the dress.
 I thought the border was exactly what it needed.
 I love how this cake turned out. I mean, how feminine is the quintessential pregnant belly?
 I love the overall effect. The baby footprint is adorable and everything about this cake screams female.
 Congratulations on the new baby!

To watch the whole process on YouTube, click here:
Um das ganze Prozess auf YouTube anzuschauen, hier klicken:


  1. I haven’t seen this idea before, but have often thought those baby bellies are adorable! Then seeing this cake with the cute trim on her top and even the stretched about bellybutton really is precious!

    1. Thank you so much! It was meant to be a baby foot kicking against the belly. But so glad you liked it.


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