Dress Up a Sheet Cake: Elegant Scrollwork with Navy Rosettes

This is a continuation of our series on how to dress up a sheet cake.

I wanted to make navy blue buttercream, so I added a good amount of blue food coloring to light purple buttercream. However, dark colors can be sometimes difficult to obtain. If you're having trouble, try letting the buttercream set overnight. The colors will naturally darken with time.
 As usual, we begin with a frosted sheet cake. You can frost it yourself, like I did, you can leave it in the pan and just frost the top, or you can buy it frosted.
 Then I put white and blue buttercream in piping bags with star tips. I only used star tips to decorate this cake. One white and the blue with medium star tips and one white with a small star tips.

 I piped a shell border along the bottom of the cake.
 Then I piped some c-shaped scroll work in the corners of the cake.
 And some s-shapes between them.
 Then I piped some fleur de lis in the corners. A fleur de lis is basically just three shells grouped together.
 I also piped fleur de lis on the outside corners.
 Then, I used a technique called lambeth. That just means that I piped on top of the piping I had already done using a smaller piping tip. I covered all the scroll work with a smaller star tip.
 Then I added navy blue rosettes in groups of three around the sides and one in each corner.
 I loved how it looked so far.
 But I still added just a couple more details. A few drop flowers between the scroll work, a single blue shell on the white fleur de lis and one last rosette right in the middle.
 And seriously, how gorgeous is this?
 The lambeth piping adds depth.
 The high contrasting colors are gorgeous.
 This is the perfect piping techniques for a DIY wedding or any elegant occasion.
 Who knew that a simple sheet cake could look so amazing?

Check out how we actually did it step-by-step on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/DX35cv7lRuw
Schaut zu wie wir es genau gemacht haben Schritt für Schritt auf unserem YouTube Kanal: https://youtu.be/deaGiFCiQRY


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