Fourth of July American Flag Cake

My profile picture for American Baker in Germany is a slice of an American flag cake that I made several years ago.

I love this photo and I chose it to represent American Baker in Germany because what says American Baker more than a piece of American flag cake?
 But let's be honest. It was a snapshot taken with a mobile phone on a paper plate. There are better quality photos. Plus, I had never made a video making this cake before. It was time to remake the cake.

I started out by baking some vanilla cake. I needed three layers of red cake, one thick layer of blue and two layers of white cake.
 Then I took a circle cutter about half the size of the layers and cut out the centers of the blue cake, and one layer of red and white.
 Then I started out by stacking it with one layer of red cake, one layer of white cake.
 Then another layer of red and the ring of blue cake.
 Inside the blue cake, I place the small circle of white cake.
 Then frost it on top and add the last little circle of red cake.
Then I crumb coated the cake. I orginally filled and frosted this cake with leftover Swiss meringue buttercream, but something was going on with the butter in that recipe, and it was nearly transparent in color.
 I chilled it, but that wasn't good enough for me. Besides it seemed kind of strange to be using Swiss meringue buttercream to frost an American themed cake. So, I frosted it again with white vegan American Buttercream.
 Much better.
 Then I colored some frosting blue and red.
 I used three open star tips with lots of teeth.
 And put the buttercream in red, white and blue in piping bags with those star tips.
 I piped a row of red stars along the bottom.
 Then a row of white stars.
 Then red stars again.
 Then white stars again.
 Followed by a row of blue stars.
 Then I alternated blue and white stars.
 And continued this pattern of blue and blue and white rings until the entire top of the cake was covered in stars.
 I love this design. Super easy to pipe and so gorgeous.
 I mean, how Fourth of July appropriate is this?
 Happy Fourth of July!

 And one of these will become my new profile photo...

Watch me make this patriotic cake on YouTube here:
Schaut zu, wie ich diese patriotische Torte auf YouTube mache hier:


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