Rainbow Unicorn Cake

This cake is for one of my husband's cousins. We had made her a unicorn cake last year. This year, though, she specifically requested more color and mentioned rainbows. So, we made her a rainbow unicorn cake.

Of course, we had to make the inside of the cake a rainbow as well. I baked six layers of rainbow-colored vanilla cake.
 I stacked it with dairy-free Swiss meringue buttercream. It was just a touch thin, for whatever reason.
 I crumb coated the cake with the same dairy-free Swiss meringue buttercream.
 And cleaned up the cake board.
 Then frosted it again before chilling the cake. I had to chill it several times because the buttercream was quite thin and needed to set up before trying to decorate. I covered the top of the cake with white fondant.
 Then I rolled out fondant all the colors of the rainbow and cut it into one inch strips. I started with purple.
 Then I wrapped the purple strip around the cake and did the same thing with blue.
 Then green.
Then yellow.
 Then orange.
 And finally red. I know the top isn't quite level, but it wasn't too bad either.

 Then I rolled rainbow colors into long snakes and laid them next to each other.
And cut them into a rainbow shape.
 Then I placed the rainbow along the low side of the top of the cake.
 The rest of the rainbow colors, I rolled into one long twist and rolled it together. Honestly, this didn't work that great. The colors kept trying to fall apart. So, if you decide to do this, I recommend using a bit of edible glue to keep the colors together.
 I used one nice length to cover the seam at the back of the cake.
 Then I molded some white fondant into the shape of a unicorn's head. The eye is out of black fondant, the horn out of yellow and the mane is the same rainbow twist that I used before.
 I placed the unicorn head onto the top of the cake.
 I love how this cake turned out. Doesn't get much rainbow-ier than this.
 Color everywhere you turn with a unicorn! What more could you want?
 This cake is so fun and colorful. Perfect for the energetic unicorn-lover!
 Happy Birthday, Eliza!

To watch us make this cake on YouTube, click here: https://youtu.be/JnvjqUQoRzM
Um zuzuschauen, wie wir diese Torte auf YouTube machen, hier klicken: https://youtu.be/96SyBqUpZRA


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