Dress up a Sheet Cake: Poinsetta Cake

 This is another cake from our series on how to dress up a sheet cake. And of course, at this time of year, it had to be Christmas themed. I colored some buttercream red, green and yellow.

Then I used three piping tips. Two leaf tips and one small round tip.
 The red and green buttercream were in bags with the leaf tips and the yellow was in a bag with a small round tip.
 Then I frosted my sheet cake. You can frost it yourself, only frost the top or buy it frosted.
 Then, I started with a green leaf tip and piped some clusters of leaves.
 I also piped some clusters around the cake.
 Including three along the long side.

 Then, once I was finished with all the green leaves around the side, I piped over those with the red buttercream in a leaf tip.
 I piped red leaves between green leaves all around the cake.

 Then, I piped eight-pointed stars on the corners of the cake.
 And one big one in the middle.
 Then I piped the red leaves between the green leaves again. I also added a few extra leaves on the middle poinsetta.
 As a final touch, I piped some yellow dabs in the middle of all the poinsettas.
 I love the way this cake looks. It's very festive.
 The flowers are really lovely. And the colors are just perfect for Christmas.

 Happy holidays!

Watch me make this whole cake on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/wDzjvAsTjzw
Schaut zu wie ich diese ganze Torte auf YouTube mache hier: https://youtu.be/ovgfr1j-zgI


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