Thanksgiving Basket Cake

This cake came about because my colleagues were complaining that I haven't brought in a cake for a while and I wanted to make a cake for Thanksgiving. This was the result.

I used some leftover funfetti cake and chocolate frosting. I filled...
 ... and frosted the cake in the chocolate frosting.
 I used a basketweave tip (bottom right), a small round tip and various sizes of star tips.
 I put the chocolate frosting in a piping bag with a basketweave tip, yellow with the small round tip, and various combinations of red, yellow and brown with the different star tips.
 I started out piping the basketweave onto the side of the cake. Basketweave is easy to pipe. Start with a vertical line.
 Then cross it with short lengths horizontally.
 Then pipe the next vertical line covering the ends of the horizontal lines.
Then fill in the gaps between the other horizontal lines with new horizontal lines.
 Continue this pattern all the way around. But I will show the last step of the basketweave. There should be a final gap like this.
 Pipe a vertical line in the gap.
 Pipe the horizontal lines to fill in the last of the gaps.
 This last step you don't have to do, but I piped some c-shapes overlapping each other still using the basketweave tip.
 Then I freehanded the words "Give Thanks" with the small round tip.
 Then I piped rosettes and drop flowers with the different star tips to form a kind of crescent or cornucopia.
 I love how this cake turned out.
 It's perfect for Thanksgiving. Plus, many people love eating buttercream cakes.
 Happy Thanksgiving!

Watch us make this cake on YouTube here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese Torte auf YouTube machen hier:


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