Pink Sugar Sheet Cake

So, there's a trend going around called a sugar sheet. I wanted to try it out, so this is my experience with it.

To make a sugar sheet, you need 2 1/4 cup (450g) of sugar, 3 generous tablespoons of glucose syrup, although corn syrup should work as well. And food coloring of your choice. You can also use more or less sugar depending on the size of your project, but you'll need one generous tablespoon of glucose for every 150g of sugar or 3/4 cup of sugar you use.
 You'll also need the largest baking tray you have and line it with parchment paper.
 Put your sugar and food coloring in a plastic bag.
 Combine until the color is all the way through the sugar.
 Then add the glucose syrup.

 And combine as well as you can. Some will stick to the sides of the bag.
 Then dump everything out onto the parchment-lined baking tray and knead the rest of the glucose through the sugar.
 You will need to wash your hands.
 The sugar should be the consistency of kinetic sand. Press it down a bit.
Lay another piece of parchment paper across the top and roll it out with a rolling pin.
 It should be about a quarter of an inch thick, but no thinner, or it would break too easily. Now comes the hard part. Allow the sugar sheet to rest and set up at least 4 hours. 5 is better.
 In the meantime, get your cake ready. This is red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting.
 Once the sugar sheet is set up, cut one side to be straight. This will be the bottom. I also found it easiest to cut if you just press a ruler into it instead of trying to cut it with a knife.
 Smooth your frosting down.
 Now, I chose to only cover the sides with a strip of sugar sheet. The trend going around is to let it stick up all jagged across the top of the cake. I just didn't want to go that route. So, I measured the height of the cake and cut a strip of sugar sheet the same height as the cake itself.
 I carefully picked it up and wrapped it around the cake.
 I love how sparkly it is.
 Then I colored some cream cheese frosting green and pink.
 I put the pink frosting in a piping bag with an open star tip and the green frosting in a piping bag with a small leaf tip.
 I covered the top of the cake with rosettes.
 And added some leaves between the flowers.
 I love this cake. It's so very perfect for spring.
 All the pink also makes it very feminine.
 The sugar sheet gives it a sparkly side as well. I will definitely be using this technique again.

 The blueish light really made the sides sparkle!

Watch us make this sparkly cake on YouTube here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese glitzerne Torte auf YouTube machen hier:


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