Dress up a Sheet Cake: Back to School Chalkboard Cake

This cake is part of our series in how to dress up a sheet cake. Back to school this year is special since it will be the first time some children will have gone to school for nearly six months due to COVID-19. I wanted to make it special.

I started out with some vegan American buttercream and I put some in two bowls coloring one black and the other brown.
 I frosted the top of my sheet cake with black buttercream.
 Then I frosted the sides with brown.
 I put the rest of the brown buttercream in a piping bag with a ribbed, flat piping tip.
 Then I piped a line around the edges of the cake.

 The lines overlapped a bit and I piped another, shorter line if there were any gaps.
 Then I put away the buttercream and got out the fondant. I rolled out some white fondant and cut out the letters to spell Back to School, ABC and 123.
 Then I placed the Back to School in the middle of the cake.
 ABC and 123 diagonally in the corners of the cake.
 Then I rolled out some yellow fondant, cut out a circle and cut it into quarters. With the off cuts, I cut some strips.
 Then I laid the quarter circle in the upper corner and the lines radiating out from it to look like a childish drawing of a sun.
 The I rolled out some red fondant and cut it into an apple shape.
 I placed it in the lower corner as well as a green leaf shape.
 Finally, I rolled a thick snake of white and laid it onto the bottom to look like a piece of chalk.
 I love how this blackboard cake turned out.
 I feel like it really looks like a back to school chalkboard.
 The edges really looked like wood and the white letters and yellow sun look like a clean cut, childhood drawing.
 Welcome back to school to all the kids who've been missing school for months.

Watch us make this back to school cake on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/WTMOXiBeA50
Schaut zu wie wir diese Schulrückkehr Torte auf YouTube machen hier: https://youtu.be/4ldNc5VkXQs


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