Dress up a Sheet Cake: Mother's Day Roses Cake

Even though I already made a Mother's Day cake this year, I decided I needed another. This time, a sheet cake for Mother's Day. This design and color choices would be something my own mother would appreciate. She's a big fan of roses, so I wanted to make some for this cake.

I started out coloring some buttercream a deep red. I added some red and purple food coloring to it, but discovered the purple didn't darken it so much as muted it, so I added a drop of blue instead.
 The red will deepen a bit more before I get to piping.
 I frosted my sheet cake with white frosting.
 I also made some green with a small amount of holly green food coloring.
 I also got out a few piping tips. A petal tip, a medium star tip, a leaf tip and not pictured here, I also used a small round tip.
 I put deep red buttercream in piping bags with the petal tip and the small round tip, white buttercream with the star tip and green buttercream with the leaf tip.
 I started out piping a reverse shell border along the bottom of the cake. I love this border. I think it makes even the plainest cake look classy.
 Then, with a skewer, I sketched in the words Happy Mother's Day and put them in a heart.
 Then I followed the words with the small round piping tip.
 And I piped a ruffle edge to the heart. Unfortunately, it covered up the s on Mother's a bit.
 Then, outside the heart, I piped the same reverse shell border like I had piped along the bottom.
 Then I piped a whole bunch of deep red roses of various sizes and placed them mostly along the bottom half of the cake.
 Then I piped a liberal amount of leaves around the roses, using the leaves to cover up any imperfections in the roses or smudges in the buttercream around them.
 Finally, I piped a standard shell border along the top edge of the cake.
 I am in love with this cake.
 Deep red, or crimson, is one of my mother's favorite colors. She especially appreciates it in roses and paired with white or black.
 I think this fits all those bills.
 Any mother would love to get this pepped up sheet cake.
 Happy Mother's Day!
This design would also be fantastic for weddings with the couple's names inside the heart.

Watch us make this entire Mother's Day sheet cake on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/9WuwnjmT5xE
Schaut zu wie wir diese ganze Muttertag-Torte auf unserem YouTube Kanal machen hier: https://youtu.be/47O-guMOHCs


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