Pool Party / Beach Party Cake

This cake is a symbolic birthday cake for my niece Ali. She's turning 8 and wanted a pool party. So that was the original plan, which eventually turned into a beach party cake. Close enough, right?

The cake was funfetti cake with German buttercream (recipe to follow).
 I crumb coated the cake with blue buttercream.
 The final coat was then textured instead of smooth. It was supposed to look like water. I think it's on point.
 Then I made a few starfish out of yellow fondant.
 I placed them around the cake.
 Then I made a few clam shells out of white fondant.
 And placed them around the sides with the starfish.
 But I felt it needed a bit more. I cut some green fondant into strips and spun them into spirals to be seaweed.
 And I filled in all the gaps around the sides with the seaweed.
 Then I wanted to make a beach ball. So, I rolled a ball of white fondant into a sphere as close as I could get to perfect.
 Then I cut some primary colors into eye-shapes.
 And I wrapped them around the ball of white fondant.
 Finally, I added a couple of white circles to cover the tips of the primary colors.
 I also put some brown sugar across the top of the cake and around the bottom. And placed the beach ball on top.
 Then I made a pair of flip flops out of gray fondant.
 I wanted a floaty that was obviously a floaty. This is a classic lifesaving ring from a boat. A white doughnut shape with red stripes around it.
 I put the flip flops and the floaty onto the brown sugar top.
 I must say, this turned out differently than I had originally planned. Sometimes you just got to go with where the cake takes you.
 So, let's go to the beach!
 Happy Birthday, Ali! Wish I were there in person to give it to you.

Watch us make this fun cake on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/Gy3p92sLq8g
Schaut zu wie wir diese tolle Torte auf YouTube machen hier: https://youtu.be/NVdfVz8i8ow


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