Dress up a Sheet Cake: Easy Funeral Cake

One of the first questions I had regarding cake decorating was how would you dress up a sheet cake for a funeral? Well, I rarely go to funerals, so I haven't been asked for a cake for a funeral before, so I've avoided this topic for a while.

But I can't avoid it forever. It was past time to try a cake for a funeral. So this is my best try.

I colored some buttercream muted pink, dark purple and leaf green. When making a cake for a funeral, try to stick to muted, cool, or neutral colors. Avoid very bright, particularly primary colors.
You also need a frosted sheet cake. You can frost it yourself, leave it in the pan and only frost the top, or you can buy it frosted.
Put the buttercream in piping bags. Green buttercream with a leaf tip, purple, pink and ivory with medium star tips.
I first made a simple star border along the bottom of the cake. This is really easy. It's just a simple squeeze and release.
I grouped pink rosettes in an arch on one side and a small group on the opposite corner. Rosettes are also really easy. It's a circular motion starting in the middle and wrapping the buttercream around the center one and a half times.
These purple flowers are a cross between drop flowers and swirls. Hold the bag straight up and down and make a small circular motion to make the swirl, but you can just leave it as a drop flower.
Then I piped some leaves between the flowers. Anchor the leaf and pull away slowly. Also very easy.
But how pretty is this grouping?
Finally, I piped a shell border along the edge. A shell border is an up and down motion with a star tip. But you could definitely use the star border like the bottom edge, if you don't want to make the shell border.
I love how this cake turned out. It looks like a bouquet spread across a cake.
If you want to write words on the cake, try condolences or sorry for your loss.
But I find this cake very tasteful and would work for quite a few different kinds of occasions.

Watch us make this cake on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/lGH35aHL2bM
Schaut zu wie wir diese Torte auf YouTube machen hier: https://youtu.be/klh7AIH9Bo4


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