Undersea Mermaid Cake

This cake came about because my seven-year-old was jealous of a cake I made for her sister. But hey, I make cakes pretty often. Why not?

I frosted a couple cake dummies. One six inch.
One four inch.
Then I covered both cakes with blue fondant.

I stacked them on top of each other forming one flat edge.
I also rolled out some blue fondant the same color as the background and cut it in an oval to form the background of my image.
This is the image my daughter picked out.
I mixed some white fondant with pink and colored it with ivory gel food coloring.
When I mixed it through, it turned into a lovely skin tone.
I rolled it out and cut out the shape of the mermaid's body using the template.
I placed it on the blue background with enough space for the hair and mermaid tail.
Then I cut out the hair out of yellow fondant.
Then I cut out the mermaid tail out of pink fondant.
I textured it with a round piping tip to create the scales and a flat sculpting tool to make the fins.
And I placed it on the background.
I made a couple of shells out of turquoise fondant and placed them onto the mermaid's chest.
Then I placed it on the flat part of the cake.
I rolled out some green fondant and twisted it into seaweed.
I rolled a thick snake of pink fondant and cut them into uneven pieces.
I used the handle of a paintbrush to create a tube shape and stuck it onto the cake to look like sea cucumbers. I also made some white shells by pressing the texture of a sculpting tool into it and pressed the bottom together using my pinky fingers to create the shell shape.
The coral was made using the flesh-colored fondant, pressing it into a rough circle, pinched pieces and twisted them into random shapes and punched holes into it using the handle of a paintbrush. I also made some fish by rolling out some purple fondant, cutting out some rough fish shapes, using a round piping tip to create the scales, the end of a paintbrush to make the eyes and a flat sculpting tool to make the lines of the fins.
I also used a silicone press mold to make the name Sabrina.
But I like the undersea theme cake.
One of the most difficult things was painting the mermaid's face. I could only find two of my paintbrushes, one which was scattered bristles, that I used for the hair, but how do I paint the face with only that brush or a very large brush. I tried using several plastic fondant sculpting tools. That didn't go well. I used the edge of the large brush. Time to order new paintbrushes. But I could have done better on the face with some decent brushes.
But she still turned out cute.
Yep. Loving the undersea cake.
So, I hope you're feeling more appreciated, Sabrina.

Watch us make this undersea mermaid cake on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/eX_Cdfg_nQA
Schaut zu wie wir diese Unterwasser Meerjungfrau Torte auf YouTube machen hier: https://youtu.be/jb3htYquIEk


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