Two-tiered Steampunk Lace and Roses Cake

 Every year I try to make at least one steampunk cake. I just like the style and think it's fun. So, here's my version this year.

I used 6-inch and a 4-inch cake dummy and frosted it with vegan American buttercream.

Then I rolled out a strip of white fondant.
Then I used a edging cutter to make a lace edge.
And I added small holes with a round piping tip. And wrapped it around the bottom of the 6-inch cake.
I covered the top of the cake as well as the top edge with forest green fondant.
There was still a gap between the edge of the green fondant and the lace.
Then I cut out some half circles with a circle cutter out of the forest green.
I laid it along the edge of the cake overlapping until the entire gap was covered.
Then I covered the top tier with burgundy fondant. Obviously, it was quite dry and cracked quite a bit. But instead of ripping it off and trying again, I decided to use it how it is.
So, I stacked the tiers on top of each other.
I rolled out some gold fondant and cut some lace just like I did the bottom with a fancy border cutter. I used the gold lace to cover the tears along the edge of the top tier.
Then, using the gold fondant, I made a couple cogs.
And, with strips of black fondant, I made a couple of laces on the top tier.
And I placed the cogs along the side of the top tier as well.
Then I rolled out some flesh-colored fondant, cut out a whole bunch of circles.
And made several roses out of them.
And I placed the roses around the top and middle of the cake. I also cut out some gold leaves out of fondant and rolled a few small vines to twist around next to the roses. Finally, I painted a gold line along the bottom of the swags.
I am in love with this cake.
It's so fun and is an absolute celebration of the 19th century style.
I love the roses and gold leaves.
The cogs and the laces.
The gold-lines swags.

And, of course, the white lace petticoat.

Watch us make this cake on YouTube here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese Torte auf YouTube machen hier:


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