Buttercream 40th Birthday Cake.

 It just so happens that my brother and brother-in-law were born in the same year. And coincidentally, they both turned 40 this year. I made my brother a big, extravagant cake for his 40th birthday, so I had to make my brother-in-law a 40th birthday cake, too. Except, we were actually able to give my brother-in-law his cake.

So, I made a batch of Swiss meringue buttercream.... with strangely very yellow butter...

I colored some navy blue.
And some medium blue.
Then I filled a pumpkin spice cake with the buttercream.
And I frosted the cake.
And again to cover all the cake.
I put the navy blue buttercream in piping bags with a small and a medium round tip, the medium blue in a piping bag with a medium star tip and "white" with a small star tip.
Then I pressed the words Happy Birthday and the number 40 into the cake to use as a guide.
And I followed the lines with the navy blue buttercream.
And I piped a pear border along the bottom of the cake with the navy blue buttercream.
Then I piped some swirls along the top edge with white.
Placing a small navy pearl between the base of the swirls.
Then I piped some medium blue stars above the pearl border.
And between the pearls along the top.
And some swirls in regular intervals along the sides.
And navy blue dots between the swirls.
Interspersing the bottom with white.
And the top as well.
Then on the stars along the bottom.
Finally, I piped some swirls on top of the cake with medium blue and topped it with white.
I love this cake.
It looks very intricate, but was really relatively easy to make.
My brother-in-law loved it.
Happy Birthday, Johannes!

Watch us make this lovely buttercream cake on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/JSJ5dX50krY
Schaut zu wie wir diese schöne Buttercreme Torte auf YouTube machen hier: https://youtu.be/-F5BnoAQ0pU


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