Dress up a Sheet Cake: Floral Sheet Cake

 This is a sheet cake trend that has gone around for a year or two already. So, late to the game, but still going strong. We're making a floral sheet cake.

There are a couple nice things about this design. The first, is that it essentially covers a cake entirely with piping, so we don't have to have a neat and tidy frosting job. Here, I frosted a cake dummy with old buttercream that had a few lumps in it. But if you just frosted your cake with a butter knife or spoon, it would still work. This is also a very popular design if you want to leave your sheet cake in the pan.

Then, split your buttercream into several bowls. You will need a lot! This is an entire recipe of vegan American buttercream.
Pick out some colors to color your buttercream.
I chose kind of unicorn colors, if you will. I colored one with only yellow, only purple, only pink and only turquoise. Then, I mixed turquoise and yellow to make green and mixed purple and pink to make a kind of fushia.
You will also need a good variety of star tips. You only need star tips, but this design looks best if some have few teeth and some have lots of teeth, some are larger and some are smaller.
Then, place your buttercream in piping bags with the star tips. As I said before, you will need a lot of buttercream. So, be generous!

I start out by piping rosettes with pink and then purple. I used all the pink and purple buttercream.
Then I added blue rosettes.
Now, I'm done with the rosettes, so I'm starting to fill in empty spaces with yellow stars.
Then I add the fushia as stars as well.
And finally, I added the green.

But how beautiful is this cake?

It's also very easy to pipe and is absolutely achievable for beginners.
I love the colors, too. It's kind of like a unicorn rainbow.

Watch us make this easy floral sheet cake on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/GwqMLpDs7Hg
Schaut zu wie wir diesen leichten Blumen Blechkuchen auf unserem YouTube Kanal machen hier: https://youtu.be/6XiLHGArNxo


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