Cupcake Bouquet

 Cupcake bouquets are gorgeous and delicious. They're perfect for certain holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day and Weddings. But birthdays are also great.

Then I colored some buttercream green, pink and burgundy. Burgundy is made with purple and red food coloring. This is Italian meringue buttercream.

I put each color in two piping bags. The white, burgundy and pink with a large open star and a petal tip. The green with two different sizes of leaf tips.

The cupcakes are vegan chocolate cupcakes. Here I'll show a few options that I made. There are lots of variations, though.

This is a rosette with a large open star tip. I had a few air bubbles in the burgundy that made these funny breaks in the rosettes. Then I added some leaves around the side.

Then, with a petal tip, I piped a base around the edges, then piped petals on top of that and a round in the middle. I added some leaves. And a few sugar pearls in the middle from a Christmas sprinkles medley.
This one is a base of red with a row of petals and another on top of that with white sugar pearls in the middle and leaves around the side.
This is a rosette with the pink with green leaves.
Here is a smaller white flower with petals radiating from one side of the cupcake and the other side covered in drop flowers. Of course with sugar pearls and leaves.
The is a piped rose with a petal tip. This starts with a cone in the middle and covered with overlapping petals all around, tilting toward the outside around the edge. With a few leaves, of course.
We've seen this one already, but this is a better picture showing the sugar pearls in the middle.
This one is a group of petals radiating from a central point, but not covering the whole cupcake. The other side has a couple rosettes and drop flowers. With sugar pearls and leaves.
This is a pink rose, but I ran out of buttercream before I could cover the cupcake, so I added some drop flowers around the edges and leaves.
This is a pink base with two layers of pink petals and gold sugar pearls and leaves.
Here's a white rosette.
Another pink flower.
This one is just a collection of drop flowers that I included more for contrast, but it does show that these don't have to be difficult.
This one is a lovely collection of three small rosettes of each color with leaves around.
Here's another photo of the white flower with drop flowers.
The collection of all the flowers together make a lovely bouquet.
A collection like this is a perfect gift for someone who likes cupcakes more than plants.

Watch us make these gorgeous cupcakes on YouTube here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese wunderschöne Cupcakes auf YouTube machen hier:


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