Star Wars Themed Wedding Cake

 Last year, I was scheduled to make a Star Wars themed wedding cake. Then there was a global pandemic, and the wedding was cancelled. But it's been a year. It's time to make the cake anyway. I was really looking forward to making that cake.

But since this wasn't for an actual event, I'm frosting an 8-inch cake dummy.

I frosted the cake with black vegan American buttercream. The cake is also to one far side of the cake board.
I rolled out some yellow fondant and traced around the Star Wars logo so you could see it on the fondant below. Then I cut it out with a knife.
I carefully placed it onto the cake board.
Then I cut out some white stars using small plunger cutters.
Then I made two even sized balls of white fondant.
I pressed them into a circle cutter to make the general flat circle shape of the Millennium Falcon.
I added the triangular outcroppings, the pipe on the side and the satellite dish on the other side. Then I added some lines for texture and dents all around to give an uneven texture. I thought they look like a gorgeous pair of Millennium Falcons.
I rolled out a small rectangle of white fondant and folded one side to be a veil. I placed it on one of the star ships.
Then I modeled a cute little top hat and bow tie with black fondant and placed it on the other star ship.
I used my clay extruder to extrude a bunch of thin black lines.
And I carefully placed the thin black lines around the words. Now it looks great.
I think this Star Wars wedding cake turned out adorable. Maybe someday I'll get to make a real one.
May the force be with you.

Watch us make this cool wedding cake on YouTube here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese coole Hochzeitstorte auf YouTube machen hier:


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