TikTok Cake

 Because young people are such big fans of TikTok, it's slowly becoming a cake theme for parties for teenagers. 

I frosted a six-inch cake with black buttercream.

I printed out this logo of the TikTok app.
Then I cut all the pieces apart. White, red and turquoise.
Then I cut out the white piece from white fondant.
Then I cut out the red pieces and placed them on the white music note.
And I added the turquoise pieces.
Then I cut out the letters to spell TikTok with letter cut outs.
And I made sure to add the red and turquoise shake motions onto the o.
Simple, but effective.

Watch us make this simple TikTok cake on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/jzbZtD4BIH8
Schaut zu wie wir diese einfache TikTok Torte auf YouTube machen hier: https://youtu.be/Ky8vqXds7ME


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