Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex Cake

 I was thinking about the kinds of cakes that I haven't made yet. And since I don't have any boys, I don't make a lot of boyish cakes. I thought it was time. Today I'm making a dinosaur cake. And which dinosaur is the clear favorite of most boys? Tyrannosaurus Rex. Let's do this.

I started out frosting an 8-inch cake dummy with vegan American buttercream.

I printed out this cartoon-ish image of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Using a pointed sculpting tool, I pressed the design through the paper onto the green fondant.
I cut it out and pressed the details in with the sculpting tool to emphasize the lines.
I filled in the mouth with pink fondant.
And before I moved on to the teeth and claws, I placed the dinosaur on the cake.
Then I cut some very small pieces of white fondant.
Rolled them into points and placed the teeth and claws on. I also made small balls of green and added some texture to the T-Rex's head.
Then I cut out a whole bunch of rose leaves and cut slits into them, rounding the bottom edge of the leaves to make palm leaves.
I made them in two colors of green and placed them all over the side of the cake.
And I mixed up some edible paint using green food coloring and clear alcohol to color in some shading, lines and dimension to the T-Rex.
It's a bit simple, but I absolutely love it.
This cake would be really easy to add a name and Happy Birthday to and it would make a great birthday cake for a little boy.

Watch us make this dinosaur cake on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/zYoPUWtFsgA
Schaut zu wie wir diese Dinosaurier Torte auf YouTube machen hier: https://youtu.be/vrQlJQhOSfI


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