Neverending Story Book Cake

 This sheet cake was inspired by the movie The Neverending Story. I thought it was especially appropriate because the book was written by Michael Ende originally in German as Die unendliche Geschichte. It's a play on words for the author's last name, Ende. NeverENDing. So, since the book is German and the movie was American, I thought it appropriate for my channel.

So, I started out frosting a sheet cake dummy with vegan American buttercream.

Then I rolled out some white fondant and scratched some texture into it.
And I wrapped it around three sides of the cake.
Then I rolled out some chocolate fondant and cut it about the right size to be the front cover of the book.
And I laid it over the top. I was pretty close to the right size.
Then I rolled out a snake of brown fondant into the u-shape of the bottom cover.
And I placed it up against the cake to be the back cover of the book and trimmed it to size.
Then I pressed out the words The Neverending Story out of ivory fondant.
And I made some swags from another press mold and modeled an Auryn by hand, which is two snakes eating each other's tails and twisted like a pretzel around each other.
I placed all the pieces on the front.
Finally, I painted it with gold edible paint.
I really like the end result, though.
It really reminds me of the book from the movie.
Watch us make this whimsical cake on our YouTube channel here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese lustige Torte auf unserem YouTube Kanal machen hier:


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