Ben and Holly Unicorn Birthday Cake

 This cake was for my daughter's birthday party. However, there were two birthday girls at the party as my daughter and her friend have birthdays only one day apart.

So, I made 4 and 6-inch pumpkin spice cake.

I also made this board. This is nothing but cardboard covered in tin foil, but it will be enough to support the top tier.
I filled and frosted the cake with cinnamon buttercream.

I covered the bottom tier in pale blue.
And the top tier with white fondant.
I placed wooden dowels in the bottom tier and placed the top tier on top.

Then I cut a bunch of thin strips of green and placed them all over the side of the bottom tier.
I used three shades of green for the grass all around the bottom tier.
So, if you're not familiar with Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, it's a cute British cartoon for preschoolers featuring elves and fairies who live in a meadow. This is a print out of Ben and Holly as well as the ladybug, Gaston. The colors are off because my printer was almost out of ink, but you can see the simple shapes.
I cut out pieces to be similar to those from the printout.
And began placing them on the side of the cake beginning with the feet.
And slowly built up the whole figure. I also used a toothpick to support the hat.
And I did the same thing with Holly.
And I painted on faces.
Natalie and I cut out some pink and white flowers for the grass.
And a pink 5 between the figures.
Now let's move on to the unicorn. I made a horn out of flesh-colored fondant twisted together and threaded onto a wooden skewer.
And I made these eyes out of black strips.
I placed the horn and a pink 6 onto the top tier. The second birthday girl is turning 6.
And I draped lengths of unicorn colors all over the top of the cake to be the mane.
I am in love with how this cake turned out.
It's exactly what I wanted to make for my daughter's birthday party.
My daughter and her friend were both excited.
Happy birthday, girls. I hope you have a great year.

Watch us make this adorable birthday cake on YouTube here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese süße Geburtstagstorte auf YouTube machen hier:


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