Trans Pride Cake

 After making a pride cake, I realized that there is one group from the LGBTQ+ community that can sometimes get overlooked. What began as a discussion about sexuality ended up in a discussion about gender. Transgender people can sometimes be excluded from pride movements if they're not also homosexual. That's not right. Transgender people go through so much. The lease we can do as human beings is treat them as human beings as well.

I started out frosting a 4-inch cake dummy with vegan American buttercream.

Then I started out with the transgender flag on the top of the cake. The transgender flag has a stripe of blue, a stripe of pink, white, pink and blue. Blue represents typically male, pink typical female and white gender neutral. The design is symmetrical so no matter which way you fly it, you’re correct.

I have a total of 5 flags to make for the side, so I marked the edges of where I want to place the flags. This first flag on the side is a gender queer flag. The green represents genders that fall outside of the binary male and female, white represents no gender, and purple represents androgyny being a mix of blue and pink, or traditional male and female colors.

This is the agender pride flag. This is for those who feel they have no gender. The black represents the lack of gender, white all genders, gray semi-genderless, and green for nonbinary genders. Once again, this flag is symmetrical so no matter which way you fly it, it’s correct.

This flag is the gender fluid flag. For those who feel that their gender changes. The blue represents masculinity, pink femininity, purple a mix of the two, white for all genders and black for no gender. You will notice the symbolism of a lot of these flags repeats.

The next flag is the non-binary flag. This represents all people who do not feel like they fall within male and female. The black represents people who feel they do not have a gender. The purple represents a mix of male and female genders. The white represents people who identify with all genders. And the yellow represents people who fall outside of the binary.

Now, this one I’m including here, but I kind of feel like it stands alone, being neither a true gender nor a sexuality. This is the intersex flag, representing those who were born with more than one reproductive organ. The yellow and purple are considered hermaphrodite colors, which are what intersex people used to be called. The circle in the middle represents completeness or wholeness. Then I added a blue snake around the edge of the cake to cover the uneven edges.

I am really satisfied with this cake. Transgender people need representation as they are not accepted by so many different groups and people. They already grew up with gender dysmorphia. And particularly non-binary people are not generally accepted by society. So, this is my attempt to improve that situation. I accept you, regardless of your gender or lack thereof.

Watch us make this inclusive flag cake on our YouTube channel here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese inklusiv Flagge Torte auf unserem YouTube Kanal machen hier:


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