Winnie Pooh Honey Pot Drip Cake

 Several people guessed after posting a hint for the Snickers cake, that it was honey dripping off the side and therefore should be a Winnie Pooh cake, although it was actually caramel. But so many people guessed it, that I figured I should make a Winnie Pooh cake.

So, I mixed up a batch of vegan American buttercream and colored it honey colored using brown, ivory and yellow food coloring.
Then I frosted a 6-inch cake dummy with it.
I melted some in the microwave to make the drip. I let the excess oil drip off and used the rest to pipe a drip onto the top of the cake.
It actually worked better than I expected.
Then I took some yellow fondant and added some ivory food coloring.
I modeled a simple Winnie Pooh with his signature red t-shirt and holding a honey pot.
I placed him on the cake, added honey to the top of the pot using leftover drip, and painted his face on with black as well as the word Hunny on the side of the honey pot.
Then I made a couple of bees for the top. I painted on the stripes with black and made white wings.
Finally, I added some flowers along the bottom of the cake.
I think this cake is adorable.
The honey drip, Hunny pot, bees and Winnie Pooh are just so cute and work well together.

Watch us make this adorable cake on YouTube here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese süße Torte auf YouTube machen hier:


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