Piped Victorian Lace Cake

 I was thinking of how beautiful Victorian lace is. And I thought how pretty it would be draped over a cake. That's how this cake began.

I frosted a 6-inch cake dummy with turquoise vegan American buttercream.

And I put some white buttercream in a piping bag with a small round tip.
Then I used some flower and leaf cutters to press a regular pattern into the cake.
And I followed the pattern with the buttercream, adding small details along the way.
Until I had followed all the lines. Oh, and I piped a pearl border along the bottom.
Then I connected the designs together with more lines to look like a lace doily.
Okay, I love this idea and I think it turned out beautiful.
It just has a certain simple elegance.

Watch us make this simply elegant cake on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/pr9vxJLmwBQ
Schaut zu wie wir diese einfach elegante Torte auf unserem YouTube Kanal machen hier: https://youtu.be/A2lZ1yvyIbs


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