Halloween Steampunk Cake

 I love making Steampunk cakes. I try to make one every year. This year, I'm combining Steampunk with Halloween.

I started out by stacking two 6-inch cake dummies on top of each other and frosted it with vegan American buttercream.

Then I covered the top of the cake with some black fondant.
I made some black ruffles by rolling out a strip of black fondant and using a pointed sculpting tool to make the ruffles.
Then I placed it around the bottom of the cake.
And I added rectangles of black fondant pinched into swags along the side of the cake.
I overlapped them to make sure the edge of the ruffles were covered.
Then I made another strip of black ruffles and covered the top of the swags.
And I made another one pointed up and turned out.
Then I rolled out a strip of purple fondant and used a fondant press form to add some texture to it. Loving this look.
I placed the purple ribbon between the black ruffles.
And I made a couple purple roses.
And I added a few rose petals.
Then I used a fondant press mold to make some purple skulls.
Then I placed the skulls at the joins of the swags, next to the roses, and where the purple ribbon meets itself.
But can I just say... I am absolutely in love.
This is officially my favorite Steampunk cake I've ever made.
I think it's gorgeous.
The ruffles, ribbon, roses and skulls just all make it gorgeous.
Happy Halloween!

Watch us make this epic cake on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/u8N8ISkqrqw
Schaut zu wie wir diese wunderschöne Torte auf unserem YouTube Kanal machen hier: https://youtu.be/gEU9AQYqC3k


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