Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

 This cake was for a friend's child's birthday. Since she has a little boy, she wanted to make sure that the cake was boyish. His favorite cartoon is Paw Patrol and his favorite characters from the show are Chase and Marshall. So, that's the plan.

I'm using these two simple faces of Chase and Marshall.

And lots of primary colors.
I have this logo cutter from Paw Patrol that I'm planning on using.
I started with white for the background.
Then a red shield.
And a blue bone.
Yellow large letters of the word Paw.
Light blue smaller letters of the word paw.
And a white bone on top of the blue one with the word Patrol on it as well as a small white paw for the center of the A.
And I used some blue food coloring to paint on the word patrol.
Now moving on to the figures, I started with a white circle for the background.
I traced the light brown of Chase's face. This light brown was difficult to get, because if you add white to brown, it doesn't look great. I had to add more color that I would have liked to get it back to a brown color, which unfortunately made it darker than I intended.
I cut out the face and the eyes.
I added the hat and the darker brown.
I added the pink in the ears, yellow strip on the hat, brown eyes with black pupils and catch lights and a black nose.
I painted details on the face with black as well as a shield on the hat with a white paw in it.
Moving on to Marshall, I traced his face in white.
Cut it out and placed it on the white background.
Traced the red hat.
Cut it out and placed it on the background.
I added yellow stripes on the hat, blue eyes, black pupils, a black nose and the black camera lens on the side. Then I painted details on with black food coloring and added a white paw in the shield.
Now we're finally at cake. This is vegan chocolate cake.
Filled and frosted with white chocolate ganache and strawberries. Since this was in the dead of winter, I couldn't find fresh strawberries for the filling. I bought frozen strawberries, sliced them and allowed them to thaw completely on a paper towel. Then I dabbed them with paper towels to absorb as much water as possible before adding them to the inside of the cake.
I made a total of three layers of cake, so two layers of filling.
I dabbed the inside of the cake with ganache to make sure the top layer of cake sticks.

I frosted the cake with ganache and covered it with white fondant.
I added a stripe of blue fondant along the bottom of the cake.
I placed the logo and both figures on top of the cake.
Then I cut out the name Tim and the number 4 out of red fondant and gently rolled it slightly larger.
Then I used the same cutters to cut out the name and number out of yellow fondant.
And I placed the yellow on top of the red.
I placed the 4 between the figures on the top and the name centered on the side.
I also am using these cutters. A heart and a circle.
And I cut out a bunch out of all three primary colors.
I placed them on the side of the cake with the heart upside down and the circles above them. You can do four or three circles to make the paw, it's up to you. I personally prefer four, but some prefer three.

I think this Paw Patrol cake looks lovely and clean. It's perfect for a kid's birthday cake.
Happy Birthday, Tim!

Watch us make this Paw Patrol birthday cake on our YouTube channel here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese Paw Patrol Geburtstagstorte auf unserem YouTube Kanal machen hier:


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