Birdhouse Birthday Cake

 This cake was for my own birthday. My 6-year-old suggested making a birdhouse cake.

So, I baked three layers of cherry cake. This is a 7-inch round cake and two layers of 6-inch square cake.

I carved them into a house shape.
I filled the cake with chocolate ganache and cherries.

And I frosted the cake with ganache.
I chilled the cake for a few minutes and while the cake was chilling, I modelled two yellow songbirds.
Then I frosted the cake again and cleaned up the cake board.
Then I rolled out some brown fondant and pressed a wood texture mat onto it.
And I laid it over the cake.
I panelled the sides and roof and placed a few logs of brown to support the roof. And I placed a circle cutter onto the birdhouse.
And I cut out a circle of it.
I filled the circle with ganache and placed brown fondant onto a stick and pressed it into the cake.
Then I placed the songbirds on the cake.
I used a fondant pressmold and made a bunch of green leaves.
And I wound a vine of green around the cake board and placed the leaves on it.
I made some butterflies out of purple and pink fondant and placed them on the birdhouse as well as pink and purple flowers on the vine. Finally, I placed some black eyes into the birds.
I think this cake turned out adorable.
It's very girly and sweet.
Happy birthday to me! :D

Watch us make this adorable cake on our YouTube channel here:
Schaut zu wie wir diese süße Torte auf unserem YouTube Kanal machen hier:


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